Palaeography Summer School

Palace Green Library


Palaeography Summer School


Palaeography: Learning to read 17th century handwriting
Michael Stansfield, Deputy Head of Archives and Special Collections, Culture Durham
Francis Gotto, Assistant Keeper, Culture Durham
Andrew Gray, Assistant Keeper, Culture Durham

A series of 7 classes will lead you through the basics of reading 17th century wills, probate inventories, and a charter. The series will conclude with a team transcription exercise. Due to reforms of the probate process, few wills survive at Durham for the period of the British Civil War, but those that do can provide intriguing glimpses of the social effects of the conflict. You can prepare in advance if you wish by browsing The National Archive’s palaeography tutorial online.

Full list of dates (sessions take place 3.30-4.30pm):

25th June
9th July
23rd July
6th August
20th August
3rd September
17th September

Participants will need to attend as many of the early dates as possible in order to effectively prepare for the later transcription classes; it takes quite a lot of practice!

£45 per person. Book at

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