Gillian Allnutt, Charles Fernyhough, Will Storr: Others

Palace Green Library



Part of the Durham Book Festival

Others is a new anthology from Unbound, which brings together a diverse group of writers to celebrate how books and writing can help us to see the world as others see it: whether it’s a novelist giving voice to the voiceless, a poet bringing alive a moment of consciousness we might not otherwise have experienced, or an essayist examining the many ways in which people can be strange to each other.

Charles Fernyhough, Durham University, is the editor of Others and his most recent book is The Voices Within. He will be joined by two other contributors: Durham-based poet Gillian Allnutt, winner of the prestigious Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, and author and journalist Will Storr, whose new book Selfie: How we became so self-obsessed and what it’s doing to us, explores the rise of the age of perfectionism and our addiction to social media.

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