Film Collection B

The Gala Theatre

27.04.18 to 28.04.18

Go on a journey you’ll never forget, skateboard at speeds of 80mph across Colorado, mountain bike on breathtaking horse trails across Lesotho and take the plunge of a lifetime deep-water soloing (DWS) in Summersville.


At Sea (Nick Carter)

Based on a spoken word poem written by Ayo Akinwolere, At Sea is the story of one man’s relationship with the open water.

03’ / UK.


A Higher Crawling (Eric Becker)

Two tiny titans at the top of their game battle for a first ascent.

03’ / USA


DugOut (Benjamin Sadd)

An idea as simple as the name suggests: travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon, live with an indigenous community, learn from them how to build a canoe, then take that canoe on a journey… The film covers the two-month trip, documenting time in the Huaorani community building a dugout canoe, then the  journey downstream through Ecuador’s Yasuni region - one of the most bio diverse areas of the world. See the DugOut trailer.

53’ / UK.


Wild and Wonderful (Mike Call)

The first DWS climbing comp held on real stone in America. The catch? DWS on Summersville Lake is illegal and these solos have never been attempted. A community of volunteers, athletes, sponsors and spectators converge in a once in a lifetime event. See the Wild and Wonderful trailer.

30’ / USA.


Following the Horsemen (Tobias Steinigeweg)

There are few roads in Lesotho. There are even fewer mountain bikers. Here the horse is supreme and the myriad horse trails that have been carved through its steep and rugged mountains are its lifeblood. Horsemen ply these trails, just as they have for generations, riding between villages that have remained unchanged over centuries.

19’ / Germany and 03’ / USA


Dawn to Dusk (Scott Hardesty)

Throughout the southwest USA, legends surf the pavement at speeds nearing 80mph. In search of mountain passes, desert highways and hairpin turns - embrace the spirit of Dre Nubine and Jonah Strait as they explore Colorado and Utah.

02’ / USA


Friday: 5.30pm - 7:30pm Screen 2
Saturday: 10.00am - 12.00pm Screen 1
Saturday: 3.00 - 5.00pm Screen 2
Saturday: 8.00pm - 10.00 Screen 1


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