All about Anatomy!

Palace Green Library (Learning Centre)


10:00 - 12:00

Free - no booking required

Join us for this very special drop-in event where you can learn all about anatomy.

The human body is a complicated thing, full of lots of different bits and pieces that all work together to create a unique ‘you’. Underneath all the squishy stuff including your skin, muscles and organs (like your lungs and heart), is one of the most important parts of you – your skeleton.

Bioarchaeologists – like those that worked on the Scottish soldiers project explained in our Bodies of Evidence exhibition – need to know all about the skeleton as it can reveal so much about a person’s life: whether they were healthy or not or even if they ever had an accident and perhaps broken a bone.

Come and learn all about the bones that make up the skeleton, see how the art of body painting is used to teach people about anatomy and even learn about some of the technology we can use to ‘see’ inside the body.

This is a free, drop-in activity suitable for all. No booking is required.

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E.g., 07/23/2019